Corporates and Sponsorships – Passing on the Torch for our Future

We would love the opportunity to speak with and work with sponsors for the Inspired Destiny Programme for Young Adults. It is a day that is developed and delivered by world renowned human behavioural specialist Dr Demartini. It will assist young adults aged between 15-25 with tools and methodologies to self-discovery and self-mastery to live an inspired and purposeful life throughout Australia. Whether you choose to sponsor your younger members of your team, your own children, a charity of your choice or your chosen school know that you are making a difference in transforming their lives.

Whilst it may seem an obvious statement that today’s young adults are our future tomorrow, there are more within this group accessing services for mental health issues, addictions to drugs, alcohol and gambling, homelessness and increasing rates of suicide. So as a collective nation we would love you to consider collectively investing now rather than it costing us collectively in the future. These will be the leaders of our future or a cost to our companies and health systems in the future. It is wiser for us all to use the model of foresight rather than hindsight to serve our collective global future.

The day programme will serve our young adults about a clear vision of who they are and how to set goals to achieve their aspirations. Dr Demartini uses the Demartini Values Determination Process and the Demartini Method to provide lifelong valuable skills in self-governance and empowerment. Attendees will walk away transformed and one step closer to their Inspired Purposeful Mission. Workbooks are provided. Please see our testimonials page.

Dr Demartini now a polymath, travels around the world throughout the year teaching younger and older adults alike about living in accordance to Universal Laws to achieve an amazing and fulfilled life. A truly inspirational human being who lives, loves and breathes what he does. From an illiterate child, to a homeless teenager to writer, researcher and teacher he has transformed and is still transforming the lives of millions around the world. Dr Demartini we thank you.

All sponsorships will be advertised with your permission on the Live Well Wisely Events website to thank you for your contributions.